All-Time Favourite

  Thank You
I doubted angels and miracles ... I thought they didn't exist
But a friend proved me wrong ... and now is on top of my list

People and I can be selfish, we all can be silly too
But still she would not change, for she is so true

We believe we are perfect ... We believe in proving people wrong
To win an argument, to show off smarts, or even to feel strong

We do the wrong things for the right reasons .. "the ends justify the means"
And do the right things for the wrong reasons .. we are heartless machines !

We walk around arrogantly showing off our ego and pride
What honor is there in a black heart and a soul that died ?

Did the world turn its back on me ... Have I been forsaken By God ?
Are the odds really against me ? ... Or am I the one who's odd ?

I wonder what has happened ... what had happened to me?
I am no longer the same man .. Not the man I used to be!

I have to fix this ... I liked the old me more
I used to be all peace ... Now I am all war !

And So from far away she appeared, and promised me a better tomorrow
She asked me to hold on to my faith in God and let go of my deep sorrow

With an open welcoming soul... And with a white sweet heart
She lent me a helping hand and asked me for a brand new start

Given her kind words ... And her smooth caring touch
She made the pain go away and relieved me very much

How was she able to do that? How could she be so unique?
A Mystery more overwhelming than the Gods of the Greek.

Between the beauty of the Moon and the brightness of the sun
Here she stood among us all as angelic ... and as pure as a nun

So all I am left with right now .. are words of those few
Who appreciated her friendship and passed it on to you

Thank You ... Thank you for helping me out and loving me so dear
My appreciation will last forever ... Appreciation that is so sincere
  My Dearest Friend
My dearest friend, an Angel with the cutest touch!
She is sweet, kind, lovely and beautiful very much!

She enters hearts easily, for she is a one of a kind,
She is honest and sincere! The kind that is hard to find!

She has a bright face, cute lovely nose and sweet lips!
With Deep eyes, pure soul and beautiful heart to its tips!

She is neat! She is sweet! And She can bring hearts the beat!
She makes the lonely and weak, feel so strong and complete!

She has a way to make cowards become bold!
Her mouth speaks wisely with words worth gold!

So I advise everyone around to rush and become her friend!
She will keep you close, and take care of you till the end!

Her beautiful heart is very wide, it can fit us all!
She will hold your hand! And wont let you trip and fall!

I wish you the best of luck in Life and everything too,
I will always be your friend and be right there for you!

Your Friend Is Here!... Your Highness is there!
Your Love is Dear!... Your Love is rare!

Now this is my testimonial. However, with words that rhyme,
It surely fits you! And Thank you for your valuable time!
  My Fate
Sweet memories very close to me, just faded away
And there is nothing I could do, but kneel and pray

That the lord may be with you, bless your path and show
How much I loved you and the side of me you didnt know

I might not be as handsome and fit as Brad Pitt
But I have got the heart, feelings and the wit!

Iam not a perfect person nor someone great
But that is how I lost you. That is fate!

Was it something i did, or was it something you said?
Was it the feelings, or was it the rushing ahead?

Was it my heart, or was it your head?
Was it fact, or was it the words I shed?

I know what Your people speak of me and say!
They tell you I am difficult but so are they!

You were everything that I ever wanted, needed and wished for
You were that open window, for every closed sealed door!

We were meant to be.. supposed to be a cinderella story
But this turned out to be a one-sided glory

I lost everything and did not win!
Like erasing all blessings with one sin!

I just believed we had everything, we had it all
But here I am watching your feelings as they fall

I have to say this before I might go
I just wanted to let you know ..

You used to keep giving out reasons for me
To change the person who I used to be

You kept telling me to start over new
And I thought the reason was all for you

Its obvious that i was mistaken, I was all wrong,
Iam told this is life, and that I should be strong!

I am not sure If I lost my three angels: Love, Care And trust!
But what I know is : all I bring you is sorrow and disgust!

I am sorry for hurting you, and for the headaches I gave you every day
I am sorry for the pain I put you through, I wish I could take it all away

And Now my heart has to rest and sleep,
For the wound is profound and so deep!

And I hope everything is not so late.
However this.. This is just my fate!
  Long Time
My Lips have stayed for a long time very cold
Where are you honey? My heart is set unfold !

You know I love you so much and that I cant miss this
I cant miss any chance when i get to have a lovely kiss

I want to hold your hands and keep you close and tight
I want to speak to you all day, noon and at night !

I feel so bad that we have been set apart !
Distance is not a problem, you are in my heart !

I want to spend the rest of my life with you
I would love to be by your side, i really do !

I love you more than fish love the sea , This is my greatest bet !
You are the only person that loved me, so I just cant forget !

Your soul is within me, It can never die !
I love you so much and that is not a lie !

We are meant to be for each other , Do you believe me ?
Please honey look at me , and tell me what you see !

I am a Man now, no longer a teenager, I control my life !
Sweet Dear Honey, Would You Be My Dearest Lovely wife?
  Twist of Fate
I seriously got screwed so I'm out here to discuss this,
Everyday I must go through a miscarriage of justice.

It's official. There is no way in a life like this I could stay ahead!
But you Kept me breathing when I should have been dead.

I dont know what there is or what I have to do anymore,
I am afriad that iam no longer the Man who I was before!

I am proud that despite everything iam still alive!
You heard it before, only the strong survive!

So Raed Shomali is a name everyone will remember,
I will make my presence felt! Iam not just a Faculty member!

I was an easy prey, My life has been a hunting season,
Being upset with you .. No, That's not the reason !

I am in fact hurt, And in my greatest desperate grief!
But believing that you are by my side, is a spectacular relief!

You are a Blessing to me, You showed me the reason of believing in "Us"!
I know its early, But I wanted to be the first to wish you a Merry Christmas!

I dont know whether to say Good Morning, or Good Night!
But what iam sure of something much to my delight!

And That is to thank you for being so beautifully bright!
And for the fact that you are always trying to make things right!

Thank you very much for everything you have done,
Indeed Sweetheart, You are a dear close special one!
  To You
And The Sun still finds its way to shine!
And so you have proven your soul divine!

I was wrong about many things, but here I declare,
I thought no one felt for me, but here you care!

I really thought there was no reason for me to be here,
But with every tear its clear you hold me dear so near!

With every mere word that i hear from you, words that are sincere!
All reasons of fear, Now disappear, those which were severe!

You Are so special, you are everthing that i ever wanted!
With You Iam no longer taunted, nor My life is haunted!

Where were you, The one i adore, when i needed you before?
I Thank God for bringing you, I dont care about the rest anymore!

I have been blind, I should have seen the true light instead!
Thanks for everything you said, Without you I would have been dead!

I now want to begin a new chapter, A Whole Life to start!
You helped me by perfectly mending my only broken heart!

I am sorry for each moment I ruined, Please let me repair!
When I hurt you I was completely unaware! I swear I care!

And Now I try to design and define my words to combine!
But no matter how I try to fix things, they are never fine!

I am so sorry that I drive you, terribly irate!
I really want you to be happy, and feel great!

I know that I am always late, but hey! Please wait!
I wish you could admit that I found my soul mate!

I know that you asked me not to expect anything to come out from you,
But your heart is genuine! Priceless! So its hard not to pursue!

I wish there was a perfect way, which I could guarantee!
That you would accept my feelings when i set them free!

You have got it all .. The beauty from outside and inside!
And you are known for your sweetness and kindness worldwide!

I feel special to just be standing on your side,
Thanks for opening up my eyes and heart so wide!

You have a fine tune of voice, the sweetest sound!
And the influence that it has on me, is profound!

If the creation of women was an art, then you are the Masterpiece!
And If My life was a war and battles, then you brought me peace!

Your family has their place in my heart, they all have earned my respect,
And so I hope I earned my spot in your heart, I atleast hope iam correct !

You come from a special family, a family of dignity, Manners and pride!
I am sure you would make history, by being the most beautiful bride!

You helped me through my hard times and set my problems aside!
I dont need to follow Life's Rules, I no longer have to abide!

You are the one who means much of all mankind!
You are the one whose name keeps ringing in my mind!

How we both met, Now I believe that this is called fate!
I Miss you terribly, Every moment you leave is a moment I hate!

I wish there was a way, we could never say Good Bye!
Like stay together, and never feel the days passing by!

I know that what iam saying, is simply defying reality!
But being apart from you and Not seeing you, is fatality!

The Odds always seem to be against Me! But do you know what is so funny?
I believe in miracles, I found out that You dont need a bee to get honey!

There is something I would love to repeat!
Its so sweet how you make me feel complete!

I just wanted to let you know, that I find you, truely, a bliss!
I want To say "I Miss You!" and then give you a Good Night Kiss!

I hope you appreciate the effort! And Present you with words that rhyme!
I Thank you very much for giving this poem some of your valuable time!
How many times do I have to be forgiven?
From The Same Angel dropped from Holy Heaven!

What Law would accept this ? What Logic ? What Rule ?
Am I forbidden to be any other than the stubborn fool ?

I dont know how everything always ends up my fault!
Now its time to switch the tide and make a positive thought!

I am sorry for all the actions which turned so cold,
I had a heart of stone, You had words worth gold!

I am sorry for hurting your feelings and for breaking your heart!
Please dont let my own foolishness be the reason to be apart!

I am sorry for all the false words I spoke,
And Iam truely sorry for the heart I broke!

I wish I could change alot about myself but its too late
I already have driven people to hate me, and drove you irate!

If I knew this would be my last letter,
I would try to make you feel better!

I would carefully think, pick my words and use!
Try to sustain order instead of hell to break loose!

But I know that I always confuse,
That's a fact you would probably refuse!

For that Iam rhyming my words, Hoping to make an implication,
And I hope you are in a receptive mood to accept my dedication!

All I could offer, is this poem hoping this would do!
Make You feel better because I care about you!

I hope I could draw a smile on your face and let it be seen!
For that makes you the beautiful angel of age Seventeen!

I like you and am very proud of you too!
This is why I care to do all this just for you!

I know that I already owe you very much!
So please forgive me and lets stay in touch!
  Missing You
I try to create a climate receptive to romance
And here Iam trying to hold on to this chance

Honey, You are someone I truely adore
Sweet, Kind, Beautiful and more and more ..

I Miss those sweet overwhelming moments you used to bring
Everytime you show up, it feels to be back to spring

Whenever there is time to spend or comfort to seek,
I look no further than you, For you are unique!

You make me feel so true, make me feel so real
One smile from you and all my wounds simply heal!

I want you to make sure that there is no doubt
That without you in My life, it feels so drought!

I wish in one way I could possibly be able to let you know
That you mean the world to me, and the feelings still grow!

And If there is a fact to address, Then I would like to Believe
That iam not so naive, when I hope we could be like Adam and Eve!

I hope we end up like a cinderella story
Where you are happy and I am in my glory

So I send you this poem with my warm heart to lend
And hope you take care of it, till forever, till the end!

For I believe that I have a date with destiny, a date with fate
And This makes me feel comfortable, makes me feel great!

If I could wish, I would wish back for my years which were lost
And spend them all and the rest of my life with you in any cost!

I'll always be there for you, and I hope you remember this
That I am sealing this poem with a warm caring kiss

Convey My best regards to the caring loving Family
God Bless You!.. Yours Sincerely, Raed Shomali...
Let me tell you about the girl i love,
She is an angel, sent by God from above!

She has silky hair, sweet lips and deep eyes,
Nothing matches her blessing not even the seven skies!

She touches the hearts and the souls within,
Draws true smiles and wipes any fake grin!

She brings love and peace when there is hatred and war!
She brings back faith when it wont come back anymore!

She is a blessing brought to us, a bliss from the lord!
She is truely priceless, More than I can ever afford!

She is a beautiful princess, to whom we should all bow!
God make me her prince! And here is my promised vow!

I promise to believe in what she believes in and take care!
I promise to truely love her and the relationship we share!

I would hold her dear tight, and would whisper her this,
That I love her so much, and hope I could get a kiss!

God, please bless her, and watch over my beloved girl!
My Life has no meaning, if the necklace lost its pearl!

This is neat, only few days of heat, are left until we meet!
My heart is pounding, I can already hear a sweet heart beat!
  Word Life
Today I write to tell a story
It wouldn't be a happy one! Sorry!

I might die and never get to get things out of my chest
I'm tired and sick of feeling so oppressed

They call me with the name Raed Shomali
I'm just a simple guy from this family

I'm sane, and my mind is fine
Please, allow my words to shine

I have not been good
As I have should

I have made a lot of mistakes
I feel like living among snakes

A bite here, a bite there
A bite everywhere

My Life hasn't been easy for me
This isn't how I wanted it to be

I don't know why I am in this life
I walk wounded, stabbed by a sharp knife

I won't deny a smile in a day
But I was hurt, from June to May

Sometimes I wished to die
After every desperate sigh

Why can't anyone understand me?
I'm human with feelings, can't you see?

I always wanted to be loved by everyone
Appreciated for everything I have ever done

I wanted to live a life feeling love, care and respect for me

Be the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be

This has been my dream which never came true
What can I do? I feel so blue!

I can't think of a reason why I'm here
If I die, would anyone shed a tear?

I feel that I'm neglected
Moreover, also rejected

Why do I have to put up with all this?
I don't get it!! How could this be a bliss?

Well, I won't be ungrateful to the mighty Lord
Its Wrong! So I will be armed with the faith sword

I'm the one who's meant to be
The One and Only Raed Munir Shomali

I have to thank the Lord for that
Because that's the only thing I am good at

No one can ever be me
Thus no one can disagree

I was wrong; I thought friends were for real
They only walk in and out for a meal or a deal

And I am the one who thought that I needed them
They are all stones and I'm the Gem!!

From now and on, I will be as stainless steel
And my ruthless aggression I won't conceal

If they want me, they should come to me
They don't like it, they could drink the sea

I think I made my statement crystal clear
They don't like it, they could kiss my rear

I thank the lord again for who I am today, Indeed!
And I ask him for his satisfaction to be guaranteed

Now I lay down to sleep
I pray the lord my soul to keep
  What Do You See ?
Hello, it's me,
I'm back from my long journey...

I missed you, it's true, I really do,
But there is something changed in you...

We haven't been talking all day long,
Is there something I did wrong?

I liked you more than anyone I have ever known,
So why do you hang up the phone?

And in my face you shut the door?
What was all that for?

Where are the sweet words that you used to say?
The same words that cheered me up everyday!

I really do miss that beautiful smile!
Why are we on the different sides of the Nile?

I have to know what made you that upset,
And regret that we ever met!

I have to know why you hate me that much,
All what I'm trying to do is give you a lovely touch...

So please look at me,
And tell me what do you see?

  The Angel With Green Eyes
It was a memorable day, a day I won't forget
It was an amazing day, the day that we met

It was the moment that I saw the cross on your chest
It was the moment that I realized of all the rest

That you are the most beautiful angel I could ever find
I still have your gorgeous picture saved in my mind

I'm making this announcement to honor the best.
I believe everyone agrees that you rose above the rest.

So Congratulations! I will give you a cheer
for you didn't only make my day but also my year

You are as beautiful as the morning dew
Sweet, kind, polite and amazing too

I like your cute nails, your sweet smile and the style of your hair
I like your green eyes, your red cheeks and the halo that you wear

I like the way you say "Hello", I really do!
I also like it when you say the words "Thank You!"

The day you were born, must have been a rainy day
The angels were crying, you were their precious ray

I have never seen such a beauty as I see today
You are an angel with green eyes, what can I say?

You used your wings to show me how to fly
I was so happy that I flew and touched the sky

You were my strength when I was weak
You were my words when I couldn't speak

You were my eyes when I couldn't see
You were my heart when I felt free

If one day I don't see you, I become sick and ill.
If loneliness doesn't get me, "Missing You" will

You made your impression on me as the world was by ancient Rome.
That is why I don't like being apart from you; I miss you a lot at home.

By looking at you, I realize that you are more beautiful than the moon.
Who needs a moon when you are here shining from July to June?

I believe that there is something that you should know
It is an advice that I wanted to tell you since a long time ago

Outer Beauty fades in time but inner beauty is there to stay.
It will always shine so bright and in every single way.

Let your inner beauty shine to fill everyone's delight.
You are so beautiful, that it is your right to shine bright.

Too bad I am not as handsome or as funny as your best friend
I only have a heart to give and love to share till the end

I wish your heart turns to me like mine turns to you
But I wasn't meant to earn your love, I wish it wasn't true

Thinking of never having you brings tears to my eyes
I wish I was loved by the angel from the seven skies

I am afraid of the day that I will have to sit and cry
I am afraid of the day that I will have to say goodbye

If it would be the last time that I see you walk out the door
I would give you a hug and a kiss then call you back for more

I hope there will always be another day to say "I love you,"
And another chance to ask if there is anything I can do

But just in case I might be wrong and today is all I get,
I'd like to tell you that I love you and hope you never forget.

Tomorrow can't be guaranteed, but I guarantee this
Today may be the last chance I get to try to steal a kiss

So I shouldn't wait for tomorrow, I should do it now without delay
For if tomorrow never comes, I will have no regrets about today.

I will hold you very close, and whisper in your ear,
tell you how much I love you and that I hold you dear

So here I am trying to take this chance that is given to me
To show you that I love you more than fish love the sea

So please give me a hint or at least a clue
Is it possible for our love to become true?

I wish that today I don't drop a tear
But instead happiness becomes clear

So the question that should be made
Are you interested in what I have said?

If your answer is "No", then it would be hard for me to leave you behind
I would become so confused, that what else in this world could I find?

But if your answer is "Yes", then this must be my lucky day
I will drop on my knees and thank God in a special pray

But as long as I still haven't got your answer yet
I give you the poem and hope there is no regret
  Marry Me
Looking at the things I have done...
All what I wanted is to be someone...
Someone to the end...
Yes, more than your best friend...

Looking at the things I have done...
I was trying to be someone...
Someone in your life...
Yes, I want you to be my wife...

Sweet heart you're so kind...
You've stolen my mind...

Of all the women I've ever met...
You're the one my heart won't forget...

Let me show you my loves art...
It has drawn you in my heart...

Your Love is all what I see...
Baby, Will you marry me?
  I Do Love You
Of all the words that you taught me,
Life, the truth and being free...

I wonder how you make me feel,
Feel that I am also so real...

I wonder how I never felt it in you,
Felt that you loved me too...

All the while you were in front of me I never realized,
I thought that everything between us has already died...

I thought that you have changed,
To something you have arranged...

But I am sure of this,
This which you can't miss...

That I believe it is true,
It's true that I do love you...

Now I'm exactly where I want be
And What I need now is you next to me...
  Happy Birthday
There's something special about today...
Even if it wasn't a holiday...

Am I waiting for a special phone call?
Or Am I finally going to the new mall?

No, it isn't something about me...
It is something for everyone to see...

Today we are celebrating a Birthday party...
Which doesn't have any cups of coffee nor tea...

If I could make a single wish...
A wish that could come true...
I would come from far away...
To celebrate your Birthday with you...

I would have come in a smart suit or a tuxedo...
Believe me, neither in Addidas nor Speedo...

I wanted to tell you something for you to be reminded...
That by a million friends and lovers you're surrounded...
Umm...What will I be?
Someone busy or some one free?

But...What will happen to me?
Will I be thrown like a useless key?

Oh!...Will I be serving coffee?
Or sitting in my office drinking tea?

But...Will I be swimming in the deep blue sea?
Or staring at the kingdom of one bee?

Will I be a professional referee?
Or the king of a beautiful country?

Hey, the future is not ours to see...
Everyone is chosen for someone to be...

So... I'll stop thinking and go build my city...
And start working from a to z...
You are not alone,
I'm a shoulder for you to cry on,

I'm here with you,
That's what best friends do.

It was a fantasy, a dream come true,
It was the day that I met you.

Together for always and never apart,
Maybe in distance but never in heart

You built in me a special art,
And given me a brand new start.

I will never say good bye,
And that is not a lie.

For there's nothing as sweet,
As how you make me feel complete.

That's why I won't break your heart,
For We wont ever be apart.
Once upon a time, it happened to me.
The sweetest thing that could ever be.

I never had a dream come true,
Until I have met you...

Now I have splendid nights,
Finally a life with no fights...

Now I can stand tall and proud,
Surrounded by a lovely crowd...

I never had a dream come true,
Everything was so blue...

There is something I have to do,
I have to thank you...

Thank you for being the one,
Thank you for everything you have done...

For you have been my North, South, East and West,
My working day and my Sunday rest...

I never had a dream come true,
Until I have met you,
Everything was so blue,
Oh sweetheart I Love you...
  Dear Reader
Dear Reader,

I was an obedient student; I did what I was told,
I got straight A's at school. I was about to get the gold!

Even though I had an amazing career, I wasn't the best!
I'm dying in front of the rest; I have a bullet in my chest.

I was shot by mistake by my own mate!
He didn't mean it, but this was fate!

I know that he didn't mean to make me bleed,
Knowing that he was innocent is all what I need!

Dear Reader,

Please tell my dad, that I love him very much,
And please tell my girlfriend; that it wasn't just a crush.

Please tell my mom, that I am sorry for all this.
I am very sorry, I left without a kiss.

Please tell the doctors, I know they really did try,
I think I even saw a doctor, trying not to cry.

Please tell my teachers, I won't show up for class,
My dreams were shattered exactly like broken glass.

I wanted to get married; I wanted to have a child or two,
I wanted to have a worthwhile job; I wanted to have fun too.

I must go now, I am almost dead, and this is my fate.
Please tell my girlfriend, I'm sorry I had to cancel the date.

I love them all, I always have, and they know it's true,
I want to tell them how much I love them... I really do.

Dear Reader,

Please ask them to forgive me for anything I ever did wrong...
Please tell my family, friends and girlfriend to be strong.

Please tell the guys that they might not see me around anymore,
But I will be there! That's what true friends are for!

Please tell my family that they might not see my smile!
But my love to them all is a river greater than the Nile!

Please tell my girlfriend that she might not see my art!
But I will always love her from the bottom of my heart!

Dear Reader,

I thank you very much for everything you have done.
I needed someone to do this job; I hope you were the one!

I look behind at the green earth as I walk away.
I wish I lived just one more day!
  Broken Heart
I hoped that the love for me you kept..
But I was wrong and there where I wept..

I believed that you loved me so much..
But it seems that your heart didn't get a single touch..

You have fooled me in too many ways..
But you can't fool God's rays..

I have survived the love you claimed..
And now from you I am ashamed..

And to stop this once and for all..
Both of us should drop the ball..

Forget the days we have been together..
And look for a true love which lasts forever..