New York, NY "Success Is a Journey, Not a Destination" ~ Ben Sweetland shomali11@gmail.com
"We are all mortals. Our bodies, though strong, can't defy time. One day, we will die. What matters most is the legacy we leave behind. Did we become all that we are capable of becoming? Did we make the difference we came here to make? Did we pursue our dreams when all around us thought we were chasing illusions? Only those who dare to rise, are able to lift themselves above horizons. Only those bold enough to chase dreams, are the ones who catch them"
      ~ Anonymous

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Raed Shomali
Masters Degree in Computer Science (Software Engineering) (GPA - 4.0)
Viterbi School of Engineering, University of Southern California

(May, 2009)
Los Angeles, California
Bachelor Degree in Computer Information Systems (GPA - 4.0)
King Abdullah II School for Information Technology, University of Jordan

(June, 2007)
Amman, Jordan

Relevant Coursework
  • University of Southern California (USC)
    • Software Engineering: Professor Barry Boehm, Winsor Brown & Ed Colbert
    • Software Architectures: Professor Nenad Medvidovic
    • Artificial Intelligence: Professor Sven Koenig
    • Web Technologies: Professor Marco Papa
    • Analysis of Algorithms: Professor Shahriar Shamsian
    • Database Systems: Professor Shahriar Shamsian
    • Specification and Design of User Interface Software: Professor Steve Jacobs
    • Personal Software Process: Mr Jim Alstad

  • University of Jordan
    • Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Database Management Systems, Network Programming, Data Security, Algorithms Design
Bloomberg, Sr. Infrastructure Engineer Full-time (January 2017 - Present)

FuboTV, Engineering Manager Full-time (August 2016 - January 2017)

Aetion, Senior Software Engineer Full-time (September 2015 - September 2016)

Schrodinger, Senior Software Engineer Full-time (February 2013 - September 2015)

Jive Software, Software Engineer Full-time (November 2010 - Jan 2013)

Playdom, Software Engineer Full-time (October 2009 - November 2010)

Rearden Commerce, Software Engineer Full-time (June 2009 - October 2009)

Intersect World, LLC, Developer Internship (Summer 2008)

Face and Motion Detection: Developer (Artificial Intelligence) (Fall 2008)
  • Used Matlab's "Neural Network Toolbox" to create neural networks that recognizes different faces and simple motions of objects
  • Designed & Trained a neural network to distinguish among 20 different faces regardless of their facial expressions
  • Designed & Trained a neural network to recognize each of 5 different motions (Up, Down, Left, Right and Diagonal).
    • Used Motion-History Images, which are a super-imposition of all images in their corresponding sets, with a decaying factor for older images.
  • Used by PhD students in Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, for tool detection during surgery and logging the steps of the surgical procedures.

Online/Offline Feed Reader Project: Web Developer + Database Designer (Web Technologies) (Spring 2008)
  • Developed a Feed Reader that works both online and offline using Google Gears (Firefox/IE) and HTML5 (Safari).
  • Built a Java Servlet that retrieves both RSS and ATOM Feeds that are passed from an HTML page through AJAX.
  • The Servlet parses the XML Document (RSS/ATOM) and returns a JSON string that is parsed to view the articles.
  • The Feed Reader maintains the status of the read and unread articles when Google Gears/HTML5 is supported

Spatial Database Project: Database Designer + Developer (Database Systems) (Spring 2008)
  • Developed a Graphical Query System that generates Graphical results in response to user's mouse movement and clicks.
  • The system accepts user's input to display Geometrical shapes that represent alarms and buildings on a USC map
  • Used Oracle 10g's Object Oriented Spatial Features through a Java Swing user interface.

LA County Web Initiative: Software Architecture + Developer PDF (Software Engineering) (Fall 2007 - Spring 2008)
  • Real Project for Real Clients (LA County's Department of Parks & Recreation)
  • This 1 year (2 Semesters) course has experienced 10 years of clients satisfaction.
  • Designed the architecture in UML and implemented some prototypes in Javascript (Front-End) and J2EE (Back-end).
  • Used JDBC to interact with a MySQL Database
  • Negotiated requirements with the Clients, managed their expectations and explained difficulties and possible solutions
Published, Photography by the San Jose Mercury, The Oakland Tribune, The Contra Costa Times and The San Mateo County Times   (2011)
Awarded, Certificate of Excellence after winning an Honorable Mention in a Poetry Contest   (2011)
Skydived, Of a plane 15,000 feet in the air. LINK (2010)
Member, of the "Order of Arete" at USC which represents the highest honor accorded graduate students upon completion of their academic programs.   (2009)
Elected, to membership in Phi Kappa Phi, USC's oldest all-University honor society   (2009)
Recipient, of USC's Student Recognition Award   (2009)
Interviewed, By Annenberg TV News LINK (2009)
Started, USC's Sun Microsystems' OSUM Community   (2009)
Headlined, the Daily Trojan Newspaper's Frontpage LINK (2009)
Nominated, By 50 Students to receive the "Most Outstanding TA" award in the CS Department for 2008   (2008)
Offered, USC's Sun Microsystems' Campus Ambassador   (2008)
Selected, USC's Java User Group Leader   (2008)
Selected, 2008 National Poetry Month Ambassador (Poetry.com's National Poetry Month Committee)   (2008)
Recipient, Editor's Choice Award for outstanding achievement in Poetry (Poetry.com & International Library of Poetry) PDF (2008)
Nominee, Poetry.com's Best Poems And Poets Of 2007   (2007)
Recipient, "We Are All Jordan" Top Student Award PDF (2006 - 2007)
Recipient, Barakat Prize for Information Technology   (2007)
Honored, Met the King of Jordan, King Abdulla II, due to outstanding academic performance PDF (2006)
Recipient, University of Jordan Annual Scholarship   (2005, 2006, 2007)
Listed, Dean's Honor List   (2005 - 2007)
IDEs: IntelliJ, Netbeans, Eclipse
Web Servers: Apache Tomcat
Database Management Systems: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Oracle 9i/10g
Revision Control Systems: Subversion, Git
Programming Languages: Java, JavaScript, SQL
Web Technologies: jQuery, HTML 5, JSP, Servlets, JAX-RS
Frameworks: Spring, Hibernate
Operating Systems: Windows XP, Ubuntu Linux, Mac OS X
Languages: Arabic, English
Sun Microsystems (2009)
  • Tina Bhasin     PDF
University of Southern California (2008)
  • Professor Barry Boehm     PDF
  • Professor Marco Papa     PDF
University of Jordan (2006)
  • Professor Nadim Obied   Doc   PDF
  • Doctor Bassam Hammo   Doc   PDF